Band Day 2011- A HUGE SUCCESS

with many “Thank You’s” in order!

As you may have heard, Band Day 2011 was a tremendous success totaling over $7000.00 to support our program. This is a record year, almost doubling, what we earned last year. Thank you to each and every student and family member for putting their time and energy forward on a VERY HOT Saturday.
Band Day this year was beyond a fundraiser, but also a community event raising awareness to our program and showcasing our talented students.
Aside from top $$$ earnings this year, here are some other impressive moments:
* While door-knocking, a group of students brightened up someones birthday by playing a special song
* Decorated cars with balloons and “I’m With the Band” written on them drove the streets of Sherwood all day long
* Several kids stepped up to do more door-knocking to cover territory we missed although they had been going door-to-door all morning
* Each group took an active part in the day by arranging playing groups, coming up with music to play and sharing innovative ideas (one group put up a “Requests for $1” sign at Symposium Coffee)
* Enthusiastic kids waved signs, flags, and danced while they collected donations as cars honked in support and crowds gathered to watch
* Many parent volunteers (mostly the moms) watched the students perform with tear filled eyes
* The drum line and brass groups willingly moved their heavy instruments to several locations in order to find the best spot
* Every student came back at the end of the day with energy, group hugs, and smiles after 6 long hours in the 95-degree heat
We are all very lucky to be part of this amazing band family. Thank you again to everyone that made Band Day a memorable and successful event.
Mr. Petrik and SHS Band Booster Club

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