SMB Banquet & Playoff Update

Thursday – SMB Banquet – We will have our Marching Band & Colorguard Banquet on Thursday, November 9th at 7pm in the SHS Commons. There will be dessert involved, pictures, certificates,  and video production of our 2017 show. The dessert is a potluck dessert so please check your email for communication from our booster president regarding those details. I hope to see you all there!

Friday – We will not be traveling to perform at the away playoff game this Friday, November 10th. We will be on a week by week standby for future performing opportunities depending how deep we go into the OSAA playoff bracket.

Is the marching band show over? Yes! We are done rehearsing and performing our halftime show. Enjoy the newly acquired time off and the satisfaction that comes with a job well done!

Jazz II Info – Sign up Now!

Jazz II begins on Tuesday, November 28th at 7am in the PAC. I am excited to say that Nathanael Ankeny, a saxophone player and jazz professor at George Fox University, will be leading the Jazz II program again.

Jazz II will meet 2 times per week, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:00-7:50am. This ensemble will also meet 1-2 Fridays per month (Friday schedule TBD).

We are not holding auditions for this ensemble. Jazz II is open for currently enrolled band students who are interested in learning or developing their skills on a jazz instrument. We are looking for students who have a good attitude, willing to practice, and show up on time.

Jazz II will perform about 4 times during the school year in 2017. Our first performance will be at the West Salem Jazz Festival on Saturday, February 10th.

If you are interested, please sign up on the signup sheet located on the cabinet inside the band room. 

Looking forward to getting it going and having Nathanael Ankeny on board again. We’re lucky to have him! See you the morning of Tuesday, November 28th at 7am in the PAC!


A big thank you to the Sherwood HS Marching Band & Colorguard who concluded this season with a program best earning 3rd place in the Northwest! It took an enormous team effort to get us to the caliber of finals level performance that we enjoyed at finals this past Saturday. A huge thanks to all students, parents, and staff who made it all happen.

I am very proud of our students. They have worked hard and done everything their staff has asked of them to put this demanding and artistic product on the field. This year for some reason, we bonded even more as a family. At the end of it all, we created some incredible performances that will last each one of these students for a lifetime. My hope is that my students will go on in life to pursue their skills and passions whether it be architecture, building rocketships, curing illnesses, serving others, etc. all while still retaining that appreciation of individual hard work and team sacrifice. Our students continues to usher in a new levels of accomplishment, class and humility and I couldn’t be more proud of them for that.

It takes a village to create a marching band show, instruct a marching band show, and support a marching band show. A huge debt of gratitude to our design staff who went to the drawing board again and again and again. A colossal debt of gratitude to our instructional staff who put in countless hours of rehearsal trying to connect with each student and teach and elevate them to higher levels. And then of course, another huge debt of gratitude to our parent volunteers who put in gargantuan hours showing up early and staying late to help facilitate, create props, cook, haul, set up, tear down, and commute distances and put in long hours to support this program and each student. It takes all of these people to make our show what it was. It takes all of these people to create those memorable performances that will last a lifetime. Take away any of these elements and we are merely a fraction of what we were able to accomplish.

Thank you all very much and congratulations on a successful season in so many ways!!!

Here is a video link of the show. A special thank you to Thomas Matlock for making this happen!

Now to some nuts and bolts…

Thursday – SMB Banquet – We will have our Marching Band & Colorguard Banquet on Thursday, November 9th at 7pm in the SHS Commons. There will be dessert involved, pictures, certificates,  and video production of our 2017 show. The dessert is a potluck dessert so please check your email for communication from our booster president regarding those details. I hope to see you all there!

Friday – I’m not certain yet whether or not SMB will be traveling to function as a pep band for the football game. To be determined and communicated!

Is the marching band show over? Yes! We are done rehearsing and performing our halftime show. Enjoy the newly acquired time off and the satisfaction that comes with a job well done!

Poinsettias/Wreath Fundraisers Going on NOW!!!

Hello Band Families,
This is just a quick reminder that the Wreath and Poinsettia sale is underway.  Your kids should have brought the forms home earlier this week.  Please ask them about and and sell sell sell!  It is a fun and easy way to make money for your band students.


All money and order forms due Thursday Nov 9th

Poinsettia Vouchers to deliver prior to Nov 17th

Wreath pickup on Nov 28th at SHS.  Time to be announced.

Thank you

Jean Hilt
VP Fundraising

SMB: NWAPA Fall Championships – Autzen Stadium – Sat, Nov. 4

Hey Everyone. Thank you for a great season. Regardless of results, Saturday is going to be a celebration of the wonderful feats achieved by our students, designers, and parent volunteers. Wind, Rain, Monsoon… Be in the moment & savor every minute.

Here is the student schedule for the NWAPA Championships/Festival of Bands at Autzen Stadium this Saturday, November 4th. Some items to note:

  • Students will be fed throughout course of the day. There will also be concessions sold at Autzen Stadium.
  • Students need to bring black socks & show shirts and anything else associated with their uniform.
  • Bring weather appropriate clothing to change into when out of uniform.
  • Girls/Guys with long hair need to put their hair up into a bun to fit into shako.
  • Students can/should bring homework to do on the bus. There will be times throughout the bus ride and day where students can complete homework. There will also be moments in the day where the student in the role of a “performer” and also in the role of an “audience member” in an educational setting. Homework is allowed during the “free times”.
  • Parents: They do charge $15 tickets at the gate to view performance.
  • Parents: There is a $5 fee for parking at Autzen Stadium

Important: Students must meet grade expectations in order to perform.


7:00 Call time for loaders/drivers/percussion to load trailer

8:00 Call time for kids, check out uniforms
8:35 Load buses, attendance
8:50 Buses depart SHS
10:50 Buses arrive at Autzen
11:00 Lunch served on site, percussion goes first
11:40 Uniforms on, shakos/plumes – Percussion (Winds Uniforms on at 11:55)
12:00 Move percussion to remote rehearsal area
12:20 Begin percussion rehearsal/sectional warmup
12:15 – Winds Visual Warmup in Camp
12:50 Winds transition to Band Site #3
12:56 Begin full percussion ensemble/winds warmup at scheduled site 3
2:03 Move to gate, pull pit, prop coordination
2:13 Gate
2:26 Performance
2:40 Pictures
2:50 Back to camp, debrief, uniforms off, snack available
3:10 Return to stadium, watch OMB
3:45 Prelim awards
5:00 Dinner
6:10 Uniforms on, shakos/plumes
6:30 Move percussion to remote rehearsal area
6:45 Winds begin visual warmup in camp
6:52 Water/snack available for winds at camp
7:18 Percussion transitions to Percussion Site #4
7:02 Winds transition to Band Site #4
7:08 Begin full percussion ensemble/winds  warmup at scheduled site 4
8:15 Move to gate, pull pit, prop coordination
8:25 Gate
8:38 Performance
8:51 Return to camp, debrief, uniforms off
7:21 Students to stands, volunteers return pit to camp, load props
7:30 Complete camp tear down
10:00 Awards
10:30 Return to camp, board buses, attendance
10:45 Buses leave for SHS
12:45 Buses arrive SHS, check in uniforms
1:00-1:15am kids available for pickup

Wreath And Poinsettia Sales Started Yesterday!

Hello families!

Your band student will receive order forms for our Poinsettia Voucher Fundraiser AND Holiday Wreath Fundraiser!!  Tis’ the season!!  Both of these are fun and easy fundraisers.  Many people look forward to the opportunity to purchase these items each year.  The products are all amazing and high quality.

Al’s Garden Center Poinsettia Vouchers:  

The poinsettias that can be purchased with these vouchers are gorgeous!!

Orders, along with payment, are due to your band classroom before Friday, November 10th.  Checks can be made out to Sherwood Band Boosters.  Vouchers will be delivered to students by Thursday, November 16.  The vouchers can be used from November 17 thru December 4th at any Al’s Garden Center location.

Anna’s Holiday Wreaths and Decorations:

All of the wreaths, swags, etc. are fresh, beautiful, and smell like a forest!!

Orders, along with payment are due to your band classroom before Friday, November 10.  Checks can be made out to Sherwood Band Boosters.  Wreaths and greenery will be available for pick up after school (exact time will be coming in later email) at SHS on Tuesday, November 28 so students can make deliveries in time for holiday decorating.  Details about pick up time and location will be coming soon.  All wreaths and swags are fresh greens, produced by a local, family owned business!

Notice: Last Day to pick up Poinsettia’s would be Monday Dec 4th at Als

Also:  Friday Nov 10th is a school Holiday.  Please deliver completed order forms and money by Thursday the 9th if possible

Thank you

Any questions:

Jean Hilt
503 995 0060

Class Announcements 10-30

Announcements – 10/30
1 Classes this Week:

Monday – Listen to Tapes, Practice/Study Hall

Tuesday – Concert Music

Wednesday – SMB Field Trip to SMS

Thursday – Concert Music

Friday – SMB Music

2 Wednesday, Nov. 1st – Disneyland Trip Payment #4 due $220
3 Wreath Sales Start Today, End Friday November 10th. Sell some stuff
4 SMB Notes:

·      Saturday Recap

·      Practices this Week:

o  Monday – 3:15-6:15

o  Tuesday – Percussion

o  Wednesday – 5:30-9:00

o  Friday – 5:00–8:00

·      ACADEMIC MUSICIAN ATHLETES. Take care of business.

5 1) Turn the intensity up

2) Stock up on grit

3) No regrets this week

4) Want greatness for yourself, your section, and your program

5) Enjoy the last week together as the 2017 SMB

6 Playing Proficiency #3 Due Monday, November 13th

·      Email:

·      Subject: Name – Playing Proficiency #

Late Proficiencies or Do-Overs must be made up by next proficiency due date.

7 W.E. & C.B. Small Ensembles for Christmas – Let Mr. Stai know who is in your group. We will work out a performing schedule.

SMB: Championships Week

Hey SMB, Congrats on some great performance runs yesterday! We achieved some personal bests yesterday as a program and we’re in great position to close the season strong. This season has been such a blast and so much fun for me (Mr. Stai) and I want you all to enjoy the last week of it!

TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS. “Your most important ability is your dependability”

Reminder: This Week’s Mon/Tues Rehearsals are SWAPPED.

Monday – Full Ensemble 3:15-6:15
Tuesday – Percussion 3:15-6:15
Wednesday – Field Trip to SMS (See posted itinerary)
Wednesday – Full Ensemble 5:30-9:00
Friday – Playoff & Rehearsal Schedule TBA
Saturday – Competition at Autzen Stadium Schedule TBA

Will send out more info as soon as I have it.