Winter Encore Performance

Winter Encore Performance
7:00pm in SHS Main Gym 
Featuring: Sherwood Percussion Ensemble, Cadet Percussion Ensemble, Winter Winds, Concert Band Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble Percussion Ensemble, Sherwood Woodwind Quintet, and Sherwood Trumpet Ensemble.

Know a student entering middle school next year?


This is for students who will attend SMS or LRMS

The Beginning Band Instrument Night is on Monday, April 16th at Laurel Ridge Middle School.  You may come any time between 6:00 & 7:30 to have your student try out any of these instruments.  Mr. Dyer, Mr. Angeloni & Mr. Stai will be there, and you will be assisted by one of the Sherwood High School band members.

Teachers: Mr. Dyer & Mr. Angeloni

Mr. Mike Dyer is the beginning band teacher at SMS. You may contact Mr. Dyer at 503-825-5459 or

Mr. Greg Angeloni is the beginning band teacher at LRMS. You may contact Mr. Angeloni at503-825-5848 or


You will need to select your band instrument when you sign up.  Here are the options for beginning band.


Flute is the smallest and highest sounding instrument in the beginning band. You make sound on a flute by blowing over the mouthpiece.  It’s kind of like making a sound by blowing over the top of a pop bottle. It has many keys and plays the highest notes.

Bassoon or Oboe

Bassoon & Oboe are unique instruments requiring special attention.  Private lessons are a must, and we are lucky to have some excellent private teachers available.  Expense is also an important consideration, both for the initial cost of a quality beginning instrument, and lessons and reeds.


Clarinet is one of the main melody instruments of the band.  Composers write parts for the clarinet that are essential for the song to sound “right”.  To be successful on Clarinet requires good finger dexterity with fingertips that are not too big or too slender, since you actually seal the tone holes with your fingertips just like recorder.


Saxophone is not offered as an option as a beginning instrument.  We require that students interested in playing Saxophone must play Clarinet for at least one year before switching to Sax.


Trumpet players make their sounds by buzzing their lips on a mouthpiece.  Trumpet is the highest and smallest of the brass instruments and most often plays the melody.

French Horn

French Horn is the most challenging of all brass instruments!  It is as long as a Tuba and can play notes as high as a trumpet.  To play French Horn requires a superior ability to hear and match pitch.  A few years of piano lessons are very helpful.


Trombone plays some of the lower notes in the band.  It requires a really good ear to hear the notes and place the slide exactly in the right place.

Baritone/Euphonium and Tuba

These three are the valved low brass instruments.  They are played similar to trumpet, except that they are bigger and play lower notes. Tuba is the lowest and is the bass instrument for the band.

Bells & Percussion

To be successful as a percussionist you need a strong sense of beat and rhythm. A background as a pianist is very helpful.

Percussionists play Bells for most of the first half of the year.  Usually mid-year, we add in drums along with other mallet instruments.  Students must purchase or rent their own Bell set for the entire year.  To be good at percussion is not easy but it’s worth it.  Percussionists must be very good at managing their own behavior.

We would love to meet you and your student on April 16th at our Instrument Night from  6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at Laurel Ridge Middle School.

Class Announcements – 4/16

Announcements – 4/16
1 Section Leadership: Need your help getting teams together to distribute “Save the Date” fliers for can drive.
2 Monday, April 16th – Beginning Band Night @ LRMS – NEW TIMES

5:00pm – Pizza

5:30pm – Setup

6:00-7:45pm – Instrument Demos

7:45-8:00 – Cleanup & go home.

3 Tuesday, April 17th 1t 7:00pm – Winter Encore Performance featuring Percussion & Winds.
4 Winter Winds – Tigard music is coming to pick up marching inventory for servicing Wednesday morning. At the conclusion of Tuesday’s performance. Can you have Winds Brass move ALL marching mellophones, euphoniums, and sousaphones to the band room? They be lined up against the wall next to my office.
5 Thursday, April 19th – West Linn Band Festival (Concert & Bowmen Bands)
6 Sunday, April 29th – Chamber ensemble or Jazz Combo perform during dinner at Riverwood Assisted living in Tualatin. 4:30pm setup & 5:00pm performance? Josie Wiren is coordinating this.
7 W.E.

·    May 2nd & May 7th – After School Rehearsals

·    May 12th – OSAA State Band Contest

Summer Music Camps Available

Dear Sherwood High School Musicians, Below are the music camps in our area that I endorse.  These camps are all taught by great musicians & teachers and will be worth the time and money invested. Please talk to Mr. Stai if you have any questions.

OSU Spring Game Junior/Senior Day

From Olin Hannum – Director of OSU Athletic Bands

Hello Oregon Band Directors!

I’m writing today to announce an opportunity for high school Juniors and Seniors to come and perform with members of the Spirit and Sound of OSU at our upcoming Spring Game on April 28th. Partnering with our chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, we will offer a very light glimpse into the life of the band. In the morning we’ll hold music rehearsals, under both section leaders and the band staff, eat lunch together, and have a Q&A session about band in college, marching or otherwise. After lunch we’ll all play the game together from the stands.

Registration is $20, which covers an event T-shirt and lunch that day. There’s no marching involved for this event, so no need to worry if they’re coming from a no-marching program. Students who play instruments that aren’t typically owned personally (sousaphone, drumline, mellophone, etc) can borrow one from us for the day.

 This is a link to the sign-up form. Our signup deadline is April 18th. Don’t hesitate to ask if you, your students, or your parents have any questions!

 Thanks folks,


Olin Hannum

Director of Athletics Bands
Associate Director of Bands
Oregon State University

Flute Workshop Saturday at Aloha HS

For Flautists – Check out what is happening this weekend at Aloha HS.

Information on Morning Workshops at FLUTE FAIR: 

Room TBA

9:00am Breath, Body, Flute: Techniques for a Free, Flexible, and Supported Sound by Abigail Sperling and Edie Sperling

Abigail Sperling (DMA) and Edie Sperling (DPT) will guide you through an hour’s seminar and workshop detailing the anatomy of the areas of the body which are used for support, the breathing frame and breathing mechanism, and ideas for proper alignment while playing. Participants are encouraged to bring their flutes and come prepared with questions! Edie and Abigail will be available for the rest of the morning for private questions and assessments.

10:00am Intonation: Teaching Yourself to Hear It and Fix It by Karen Gifford

No matter our skill level or experience, intonation is always a challenge.  We know it can make us sound so right, or so…wrong.  But there are so many aspects of music to pay attention to that intonation is often left for last.  At this workshop, we will give it some well-deserved attention, expanding our awareness, our ability to hear, and our ability to adjust flute intonation.

 11:00am How to Practice Technique With Both Your Hands and Your Head by Julien Beaudiment

This class includes ways to be organized in your practicing. Please bring your flute!

12:00pm Flute Choir Reading Session with Lisa Ochoco

Bring your flutes to Flute Fair 2018 and come play in a flute choir reading session lead by Lisa Ochoco. GPFS has an extensive music library that is available for check-out by our members. Lisa will use our music library to select pieces for this flute choir reading session. If you have never played a bass or an alto flute, this may be your chance to try one out.

Concert Band & Bowmen Band – Band Festival at West Linn High School – Thursday, April 19th

Dear Concert Band & Bowmen Band Parents & Students – We are taking our groups to the West Linn HS Band Festival on Thursday, April 19th. I could use help with parent chaperones and transporting of larger equipment.  Please let me know if you are available to help out.  This festival will be taking place at West Linn HS in their beautiful auditorium.  The festival is open for all who would like to attend and observe.

West Linn Band Festival – Concert Band & Bowmen Band

6:50 – Percussion Call Time & Pack up Equipment
6:55 – Call Time in Band Room in Concert Attire for Woodwinds & Brass
7:15 – Load Buses
7:35 – Depart from Sherwood
8:10 – Arrive & Unload
8:30 – Bowmen Band Warmup (Concert Band Observing Bands)
8:55 – Bowmen Band Perform (Concert Band Observing Bands)
9:20 – Bowmen Band Clinic (Concert Band Observing Bands)
10:35 – Concert Band Warmup (Bowmen Band Observing Bands)
11:00 – Concert Band Performance (Bowmen Band Observing Bands)
11:25 – Concert Band Clinic (Bowmen Band Observing Bands)
11:55 – Load Buses, Stop for Lunch en route to SHS
1:30 – Arrive at SHS


Wind Ensemble Auditions 2018-2019

Audition materials for Wind Ensemble are below. These materials are also located on each band’s page. Auditions will be held in April 23, 24, 25. Audition results will be posted the afternoon of April 27 at 3:00pm. 

Wind Ensemble members do not have to re-audition to stay in Wind Ensemble unless they want to switch instruments.  

Concert Band members do not have to re-audition to stay in Concert Band.

Bowmen Band members will automatically be placed into Concert Band for the next school year.

Wind Ensemble Audition Music

Decisions will be based on spot availability, ability, attitude, and dependability.

A traditional symphony band (like what we have with concert band) will have a sea of instruments. These ensembles can get quite large – up to 60-80 musicians per band. On the other hand, our Wind Ensemble is built to be a little bit slimmer and more stealthy (Our design is based on 1952 Eastman School of Music Wind Ensemble under the direction of Frederick Fennell, who was the founder of the modern wind ensemble).

Ideal SHS Wind Ensemble Instrumentation Balance: 

  • Flute – 4-5
  • Oboe – 1-2
  • Bassoon 2-3
  • Clarinet – 8-10
  • Bass Clarinet – 2
  • Alto Sax – 2
  • Tenor Sax – 1
  • Bari Sax – 1
  • Horn – 4
  • Trumpet – 6-7
  • Trombone – 3-4
  • Euphonium 2-3
  • Tuba – 2-3
  • String Bass – 1
  • Percussion 6-8