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2010-11 Student Information Form

Hey Band!!  Below you will find a link to the student information form for next year’s band. The information you provide will help our staff, section leaders and parents to accurately plan for next fall and keep you informed. All information will only be used for band purposes and will not be shared with any other parties. This will take approximately 5 min to fill out. Thank you for your time.

1. Click on the link to the student form

2. fill out the form

3. submit the form before Friday June 18th.


Starlight Parade a Success!

Warming up!

The Sherwood Band along with the Colorguard and Cheer Team, made the Starlight Parade one of the best ever! It was a beautiful night for marching and the crowd was entertained with YMCA and the syncopated rhythms being laid down by the drumline.  A big thank you goes out to our parent volunteers who kept the band hydrated and to all the parents, friends, and students who cheered us along the parade route.