SMB 2022 Camp Starts Monday!

BAND CAMP STARTS MONDAY, AUGUST 15 AT 9AM. We have a great show, a great staff, and a great group of young musicians and artists that I am excited to work with over the next 12 weeks. Below are useful links providing reminders of “What, Where, When, and What” .

Very Important – Make sure you are geared up and ready to go. Here is the Marching band checklist link  that was handed out last June. Contact your section leader, or colorguard captain or field conductor if you have any questions.

So far, the SMB 2022 Calendar link has had no adjustments since our June info meeting. That being said, we often have to adapt a handful of times a season.  Reminder: There are a couple of weeks where our Tuesday/Wednesday times switch (September 20/21 and October 11/12).

FOOD – One thing that is not on the checklist, bring a lunch and a dinner or have a plan in place to get your meals.

Hydration, Nutrition, Rest – Bring a huge jug of water to camp and fill it up prior to each rehearsal block (9-12, 1-4, 5-8); we have a sink in the band room and water filling station in the commons. We take hydration breaks frequently throughout our rehearsals. Start hydrating and eat healthy. Get rest and make sure you start training yourself to be ready to go at 9am in the morning. Camp is a huge physical and mental undertaking. You owe it to yourself and your section to take good care of your mind and body! We need you on the field ready to perform!

Heat & Smoke – During camp, we are typically monitoring heat and the air quality index when it gets smokey due to forest fires. We typically are outside for two out of the three rehearsal blocks each day (9-12 and 5-8) while spending the middle block indoors learning music in the auditorium with the colorguard practicing choreogrpahy in the commons. We will shift things indoors around when heat or smoke become a factor. We always have something show-related to accomplish whether we are inside or outside, so we can move indoors or outdoors as is best suited by heat and smoke. Students absolutely need to wear hats whenever we are outside, wear sunscreen, hydrate often, and focus on getting rest that night.

Hats – All marching band members need to wear hats at all times when
we are rehearsing outdoors during camp.

Band Parents & Members – Rehearsal Start & End Times are as defined:

Start Time – If rehearsal starts at 9am. We start either moving or stretching right at that time. That means students need to allot for time to park, walk to the band room, socialize (as desired), use bathroom, lather sunscreen, assemble equipment, etc. Students should be arriving to SHS about 10-15 minutes ahead of schedule so that they can get setup and to their correct rehearsal spaces on time.

End Time – End time is when rehearsal ends. We end most of our camp rehearsals at 8pm. We take students right up until 8pm on the upper baseball field. It takes us about 15 minutes to strike the field and get back down to the band room. If you are picking your student up from camp, it is a better assumption that they will be ready to leave between 8:15-8:20.

Show Music has been posted and available to print in the members only section . You will find warmups, show music, and various stands tunes. Print your part only!

Band Parents – We still need some help with some side projects. If you want to get involved with our band program here at SHS, please contact for more info

Need more info? Go to

See you for Band Camp on Monday at 9am!