Graduation Band 2022

Dear Parents & Students – Our 9th, 10th, and 11th grade band students which comprise the Graduation Ceremony Band (aka Mega Band) need to have one rehearsal to get on the same musical page for graduation. We are going to rehearse in the band room at 7:30am on Friday, June 10. This is one rehearsal to get 50 minutes worth of music reigned in across three different bands. Call time for students Friday morning is 7:20am. Please arrive on time so you can navigate the crowd in the band room and set up. CONSIDER BRINGING A PORTABLE MUSIC STAND IF YOU OWN ONE. Thank you!

Graduation Ceremony Ensemble – All Band Members who are not seniors

Friday, June 10 at SHS Main Field


  • Wear Concert Attire
  • SHS parking lot will be very busy both when you arrive and when you leave.

Evening Itinerary:

5:45 – Call Time (Parking lot might be a bit chaotic)

6:05 – Setup, Warmup, Tune, Walk Out Together

6:35 – Perform Background/Prelude Music

6:55 – Staff Processional Music

7:00 – Ceremony Begins, National Anthem

8:30 – Approx. Ceremony Over – Cleanup/Bring everything back from main field to band room

8:50 – Approx. Band students go home