SMB: itineraries 10/1 & 10/2

Greetings SMB Members & Parents, We have a lot of itinerary related information below for both the Football Game on Friday, October 1 and the Competition on Saturday, October 2. This is going to be an exciting couple of days. Be mindful with nutrition & hydration. Get as much rest as possible. Looking forward!!!

Friday, October 1 – Football Game
Wear Show Shirts to School (Winds & Drumline performing at assembly)
4th/5th Period – Get music Stands out & tape off bleachers.
3:45 – Upper Field Rehearsal – Warmup, On & Off Process Reviewed – Chunk Through Show. Front Ensemble Warmup in the Band Room.
4:45 – Transition back to band room
5:00 – Dinner. Everyone chills out. No playing, drumming, spinning. Conserve Energy.
5:55 – Uniforms
6:25 – Line up to go outside
6:30 – Winds/Guard/F.E. go to Bleachers
6:45 – Drumline staged to lead team to field
6:55 – National Anthem & Fight Song
7:00 – Game Starts
9:15 – Approx. Game Over/Check In Uniforms/Packup/Cleanup
9:45 – Go Home

Here is information and the student schedule for the Linfield Marching Band Tournament this Saturday, October 2 at Linfield College in McMinnville. Some items to note:

  • Bring a mask to have on you at all times during the day.
  • Students will be fed Lunch & Dinner throughout the course of the day. There will also be concessions sold on site.
  • Students need to bring black socks & show shirts and anything else associated with their uniform.
  • Bring weather appropriate clothing to change into when out of uniform. IT WILL GET COLD!
  • Anyone with long hair need to put their hair up into a bun to fit into shako.
  • Students can/should bring homework to do on the bus. There will be a couple of times throughout the bus ride and day where students can complete homework. There will also be moments in the day where the student in the role of a “performer” and also in the role of an “audience member” in an educational setting. Homework is allowed during the “free times”.
  • Parents: They do charge $15 tickets at the gate to view performance.
  • NWAPA Link: Here is a link to our marching circuit site with more info

Important: Students must be caught up on SMB fees through Payment #3 (See Calendar, Payment Schedule) in order to compete.

10/2 – SMB Member Schedule

9:30Call time in Band Room for members who need hair buns and leadership
9:45Call Time in Band Room for everyone else
10:10Load Buses & Depart
11:15Arrive at Linfield. Percussion Prep Equipment.
12:10Uniforms On/Prep Equipment
12:45Winds & Colorguard go to Stands to Observe Bands
1:00Students in Stands Listening. Leave at approx. 1:20, after North Salem.  
1:00Percussion Move to Warmup Area & Begin Warmup
1:20Winds Back to Camp to Grab Instruments/Move to Warmup Area
1:45Winds/Colorguard Begin Warmup
2:31Percussion/Winds/Colorguard move to Gate. Prop Coordination.
2:54Prelims Performance
3:05Return Equipment to Camp, Debrief, Return to Stands for Awards
3:45Prelim Awards
4:10Back to Camp/Debrief/Out of Uniform 
5:45Percussion Uniforms/Shakos/Plumes, Personal Items on Bus
6:05Winds & Colorguard Uniforms On, Personal Items on Bus
5:51Percussion to Warmup Area
6:25Winds & Colorguard Move to Warmup Area
7:31Everyone moves to gate. Prop coordination.
7:54Finals Performance
8:04Return to Camp, Debrief, Out of Uniforms, Pack Gear, Pack up Campsite.
8:45Finals Awards Ceremony (FCs/Guard Captains arrive at 8:30 in uniform)
9:40Board buses/attendance
10:00Buses leave for SHS
10:45Buses arrive at SHS, Students Help with Unload Process
11:15Students available for pickup