Three Points of Focus in Band Classes

Dear Students & Parents – We have 3 focal points regarding our concert bands this winter:

  1. Basketball Band Music & Performances – January & February
  2. Solo & Ensemble Music, Recital, and District Festival – February & March
  3. Festival Music – March & April Performances

“Mom & Dad, I don’t have anything to practice right now.” – This is a phrase that you will not hear out of a Sherwood Band student’s mouth. Students should be practicing 3 times per week at a minimum of 20 minutes per session.

Students should be practicing their proficiencies, Basketball Music, Solo & Ensemble music, Festival Music.

Next Playing Proficiency is Due January 27th (Bowmen & Concert Bands Only).

Basketball Band –  We have 11 games the band is performing at during the basketball season. Remember that you must attend 5 games (Yes, you are more than welcome to attend more than 5 if you would like to).

Solo & Ensemble Recital –  In December we started talking about Solo & Ensemble in class. All students are expected to find a piece of music to perform as a soloist or as a small ensemble (Duet, Trio, Quartet, etc.). We have a ton of literature here in the Sherwood Band Room to select from. We then put on a recital night on Monday, March 2 as a band program. We will have approximately 6 rooms running simultaneously with performances throughout the course of the evening.

Students actively engaged in private lessons most likely already have their literature selected, and it is most likely in the ballpark of 5 – 7.5 minutes in duration.

Anyone who has gone through this process will testify that you grow exponentially as a musician when you prepare and perform a solo or ensemble piece of music. It is a priceless experience for our young musicians who are looking for a challenge and to push themselves beyond the average day of music class.

Soloists who are looking for Piano Accompanists:

  • Dani Aldinger 503-349-2191,
  • Ray Mckean –
  • Jane Mendenhall –
  • Carol Kelly – (503)804-9221 –
  • Ruth Ann Yerden – (360) 907-4309