December 5 Concert Update – Two Showings & Tickets

Dear Band Students & Parents, I run into the same dilemma each year we try to have a concert in our SHS Auditorium. We are limited to 275 seats, which limits students to approx. 1.9 guests per student (1.9 guests per 1 student). Due to this complication we are making the same shift again this year with our Winter Concert as the past two years. In contrast to what is actually stated on the performance calendar handed out at the beginning of the year; we will be giving two performances total that day. We also will be selling tickets to these performances. Please read the following carefully.

We’ve had seating capacity issues with our Auditorium at SHS. Last year we solved this seating issue by having two performances of our December concert, and then again in the spring moving our April concert to the main gym, and also moving our May Finale concert to George Fox University.  All of these solutions worked well for us and we plan on recreating these solutions again this year.

For the December 5th concert we are going to have 2 showings. There will be a matinee performance at 5:15pm and an evening performance at 7:30pm. We will feed the band members in between performances. The evening will progress as follows:

4:45pm – Student Call time in Concert Attire
5:15pm – Matinee performance – Bowmen Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble
Dinner provided to students after each band’s performance through boosters.
7:30pm – Evening performance – Jazz Band, Bowmen Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble
9:15pm – Approx. Concert Over

Tickets – To be sold online at and also at the door. We will sell up to 250 tickets per show:

  • Matinee (5:15pm) Price is $5 per ticket
  • Evening (7:30pm) Price is $10 per ticket

We want everyone to be able to attend so financial/ticket assistance is provided. Please contact Mr. Stai for 2 complimentary matinee tickets. Proceeds will go toward Bauman Auditorium rental and student dinner.Capture