August 12 – Band Camp – No Parking Lot Access

Greetings Marching Band Members & Parents,

Our first day of band camp, on August 12, there will be NO SHS PARKING LOT ACCESS. The city has decided to repave Meinecke road which will render the SHS parking lot inaccessible on Monday, August 12.  SMB Members, Parents & Staff will need to utilize the area around Villa Rd. and neighborhood for parking and drop off/pick up. I’ve attached a picture for your convenience.  Due to this, please give yourself an extra 10 minutes in your commute to deal with this one time change. There are several sports practices and activities happening as well in addition to it being the first day that the front office of SHS is open, so there will literally be hundreds of people trying to find parking and building access that day without accessing Meinecke.

On Tuesday, August 13th there should be one lane that is available to get into and out of the parking lot. This will still add to your commute as there are several sports/activities practicing and meeting at the same time we are.

On Wednesday, August 14 we SHOULD be back to normal and driving on fresh pavement 🙂

Sorry for the hassle! I met with admin on this topic and this was the best course of action we were able to devise.

Below is my highly technical drawing:

August 12