Boy’s Concert Attire Info


Boys participating in any one of the of these five high school bands: Bowman Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz I, Jazz II, require certain apparel. Remington CTR Clothing has supplied this great quality clothing at reasonable prices for several years. As we near the start of school, please call Remington’s directly to schedule your 20-minute fitting appointment.  Pieces of this apparel can sometimes be difficult for our supplier to obtain, scheduling your appointment as soon as possible will provide time to resolve any issues that arise.

Mr. Remington has made himself available to our band students now through August 16.  Please schedule your appointment within this window of time.

Remington’s CTR Clothing – Ron Remington

15862 SW 72nd Ave, Ste 100 Portland, OR 97224  (near Burgerville off of Carman Drive)



All boys are required to wear a black belt, black socks and black shoes in addition to the apparel items below.  Apparel to be worn for the various high school bands is as follows: 

Full Tuxedo $109 (includes pants)    *    Wind Ensemble   *    Jazz I

Black Dress Slacks  $30   *   Bowman Band    *    Concert Band   *   Jazz II

Black Shirt  $25     *   Bowman Band    *    Concert Band   *   Wind Ensemble   *   Jazz I   *   Jazz II

Black Vest $30   *    Bowman Band   *   Concert Band   *   Wind Ensemble   *   Jazz I

Black Tie $10   *   Bowman Band   *   Concert Band   *   Wind Ensemble

Burgundy Tie  $10   *   Jazz I

Payment will be due to Remington’s CTR at the time of your fitting.   Feel welcome to contact me with questions. Tina Brannan 503-504-7314