SMB Registration Process – Due June 10

Dear Students & Parents, Our Marching Band & Colorguard Forms are due on Monday, June 10th. Our roster is already looking great and we’re looking for more to join in with our amazing 2019 season.



Before you begin the questionnaire you will need your student’s Sherwood School District ID number.  This number is how we identify your student in the band program’s database called Charms.


It’s important that all students – even returning marching band students – provide their current measurements.  You will need a fabric tape measure, current weight and current height before you begin. Our marching band uniform inventory consists of 1,550 pieces all of varying sizes, enough for 140 students.  The available inventory is matched up to each student based on the measurements that you provide. On August 11 each student will try on their uniform to fine-tune the fit of each piece.

3) ANNUAL RELEASE DOCUMENT – We will email you this electronic form directly within two days of receiving your email address through the student/family information link.

You will receive an email via docusign that can be completed electronically.  This document will request your permission relating to the following topics: 1) Medical  2) Travel 3) Photographs 4) Uniform Care 5) Liability. If you do not receive this email within two days, please email

The information you will need to complete this form includes:  1) Name of student’s health insurance company 2) Group number of student’s health insurance policy  3) Name of Student’s Physician 4) Phone number of Student’s Physician 5) Date of Student’s most recent tetanus shot  6) Any allergies or other health concerns 7) Any prescription medications that your student is currently taking.

4) BAND CAMP SUPPLIES ORDER FORM  –  If this is your first time logging into your secure Charms portal, the DEFAULT password is your student’s Sherwood school district ID.  You will be prompted to choose a permanent password, keep record of your password since it will be required when you log in going forward.  If you have forgotten your password, email to request that your password be reset back to the default (SSD ID).

Items that will be necessary for band camp will be available to purchase until June 30 from the Charms online store.  Click on “Check-Out” to complete your purchase using PayPal or a credit card. Your order will be available to pick up on August 11, which is uniform fitting day in the high school band room.  Band camp begins on August 12.

More information is located at