OMEA District 14 Solo & Ensemble Results

OMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival Participants, I’m proud of everyone who took the time and effort to take their music to the next level. Solo & Ensemble is one of the most challenging things we do. The growth that is demonstrated from each musician through the journey helps constitute what we are able to achieve in our larger ensembles. I hope you all grew musically and learned something through the process.

In particular, the mentorship I’ve witnessed this year of older students coaching younger students was been exceptional. Also, the initiative of students to run their own ensembles at a very high level is also very commendable.

I will have adjudicator feedback forms & scores for students on Monday.

I’m only posting OSAA Solo & Ensemble State Contest Qualifying results. I will explain what all of this means in class on Monday (lots of numbers and other variables come into play when listing who goes to the next level; only people who the judge recommends move on to state OR earn alternate titles).

Congrats to everyone who earned the adjudicator’s nod to be considered “state contest worthy”.

 2019 District Solo Results by Room


  • Camryn Porter – District 3rd Place – 1st Alternate STATE
  • Anneka Prigodich – District 5th Pace


  • Robert Weener – District Champion – STATE
  • Andrew Bae – District 2nd Place – STATE (more than 15 in category)

Bass Clarinet

  • Cole Emery – District Champion – STATE

High Sax

  • Jon Laus – District Champion – STATE

Low Sax

  • Ashley Ma – District Champion – STATE
  • Ryan Fillinger-Palotay – District 2nd Place – 1st Alternate STATE


  • Nora Robertson – District 4th Place – 2nd Alternate STATE
  • Jonathan Wakefield – District 5th Place


  • Travis Matlock – District 2nd Place – 1st Alternate STATE
  • William Scypinski – District 3rd Place – 2nd Alternate STATE


  • Josh Busby – District Champion – STATE
  • Luke Soto – District 3rd Place – 2nd Alternate STATE


  • Regan Palmer – District 2nd Place – 1st Alternate STATE


  • Cody Layne – District 2nd Place – 1st Alternate STATE


  • Ethan Spencer – District Champion – STATE
  • Shannon Jackson – District 2nd Place – STATE

Mallet Percussion

  • Ian Kleditz – District 3rd Place – 2nd Alternate STATE

Rudimental Snare

  • Nathan Shipman -District Champion – STATE
  • Logan Vaughn – District 3rd place – 2nd Alternate STATE
  • William Jensen – District 4th place
  • Ethan Spencer – District 5th place
  • Nathan Badouli – District 6th place
  • Andrew Al-Sheikhly – District 7th place
  • Shannon Jackson – District 8th place

Percussion Ensemble Large

  • Wind Ensemble Percussion Ensemble – District Champion – STATE

Woodwind Ensemble Small

  • W.E. Flute Quartet – District Champion – STATE
  • W.E. Sax Quartet – District 3rd Place – 2nd Alternate  STATE

Woodwind Ensemble Large

  • WE Clarinet Choir – District Champion – STATE

Brass Ensemble Large

  • WE Trumpet Quintet – District Champion – STATE
  • WE Horn Quintet – District 2nd Place – 1st Alternate STATE