Recital Night Rescheduled to Friday, March 1st 6-8pm

Our solo & ensemble recital night is being rescheduled to Friday, March 1st from 6-8pm. The big shift OTHER than the date is that we will no longer be using the commons classroom as one of our piano rooms and instead will be using the Media Center space (Colorguard is using the commons to practice).

Recital Night Schedule version 2

Please make sure piano accompanists are updated on the changes. If they can’t make it, then you’ll have to go unaccompanied. Its not ideal but its better than nothing.

Here is the original message that went out a week ago regarding the event itself…

For Anyone New to SHS Band – “The Band Recital Night is a Band Concert… sort of.”

Students & Parents, our Solo & Ensemble Recital is Wednesday, February 27 at SHS at 6:00pm. All Bowmen Band, Concert Band, and Wind Ensemble members will be performing a solo or an ensemble piece at this recital. This will be a major event as we have approx. 110 performances throughout the course of the evening! We will have performances happening simultaneously in six separate spaces: 1) PAC, 2) Choir Room, 3) Media Center, 4) Classroom E10, 5) Classroom E13, and 6) Classroom E14.


Students are responsible for:

  • Knowing Their Performance Location & Order.
  • Communicating performance location & order to parents.
  • Warming up prior to performance in the band room.
  • Listening to at least 6 other SHS solo or ensemble performances throughout the evening.
  • Wearing Concert Attire.
  • Practicing & preparing their music to a high level so that it is enjoyable for the audience members.
  • Signing up & participating in either the event setup process after school (25 minutes)  OR the cleanup process after the event (20 minutes).

Parents – It will be a great evening with lots of student-prepared music. CHECK WITH YOUR STUDENT SO YOU KNOW WHAT ROOM THEY ARE PERFORMING IN & WHAT ORDER THEY ARE PERFORMING. Each performance length is different; some students have 3 minute performances, others go as long as 9 minutes. Good advice would be to check in with your performance area early to see where they are at on the schedule. There will be performance orders and numbers posted outside each room indicating which musician(s) is/are currently performing.

PLEASE DO NOT THINK OF THIS AS A TRADITIONAL CONCERT. THINK OF THIS AS MORE OF A MUSICAL ART GALLERY. You are allowed to sample from room to room and come and go at an appropriate time that works for your schedule. Please enter and exit performing spaces only during transitions. It will still be a formal performance setting, just more along the lines of a true Solo & Ensemble Festival.