Basketball Band 2018-2019

Greetings Band Students & Parents! Our Basketball Band (comprised of Bowmen, Concert, and Wind Ensemble members) will again be performing at the majority of boys & girls home league basketball games this year. This is another great opportunity for students to show off their music skills, add to our school culture, and earn points toward lettering in band.  It is fun music and a great environment to perform in!

Our Basketball Band will be performing at a total of 13 home games this year. We have signup sheets posted in the band room and I’ve asked each student to sign up for 6 different games. There will be a Performance Participation grade assigned to 6 basketball band performances by each student.

You’ll notice that this year there are four dates with double header games (1/15, 1/30, 2/8, 2/21). At the double header games there will be a band performing at each game, and a separate sign-up sheet for each game is posted. Each of those games counts as one game, so participating in both games of a double header would count toward two different games. I do not recommend signing up for BOTH games of a double header unless you are ok with playing for a long span of time which creates endurance issues with chops & we don’t get a food break. The games go right from one to the other with about 10 minutes of break before we start playing again.

Basketball Band Games:

  • 12/14 – Friday @7:00pm (Girls) vs. Mt. View
  • 1/4 – Friday @7:00pm (Boys) vs. Oregon City
  • 1/9 – Wednesday @7:00pm (Girls) vs. Liberty
  • 1/15* – Tuesday @4:00pm (Unified) vs. Oregon City
  • 1/15* – Tuesday @7:00pm (Boys) vs. McMinnville
  • 1/30 – Wednesday @ 5:45ppm (Girls) vs. Century
  • 1/30 – Wednesday @7:15pm (Boys) vs. Century
  • 2/5 – Tuesday @7:00pm (Girls) vs. McMinnville
  • 2/8 – Friday @5:45pm (Girls) vs. Forest Grove
  • 2/8 – Friday @7:15pm (Boys) vs. Forest Grove
  • 2/12 – Tuesday @7:00pm (Boys) vs. Liberty
  • 2/21 – Thursday @5:45pm (Girls) vs. Glencoe
  • 2/21 – Thursday @7:15pm (Boys) vs. Glencoe

* Technically a double header but there will be approx. 90 minutes in between the two games.

On Monday, December 10th there will be a basketball band binder assignment due. All of these tunes must be loaded into a binder with plastic sheets in this order:

  1. Anthem
  2. Fight Song
  3. Stands Tunes 2018
  4. 24k Magic
  5. Africa
  6. Can’t Stop the Feeling
  7. Don’t Stop Believing
  8. Downtown
  9. The Greatest Show
  10. Handclap
  11. Hooked on a Feeling
  12. I Want You Back
  13. Stadium Jams
  14. Take on Me
  15. Uptown Funk

The assignment will be worth 15 points (1 point per piece of music) .