Friday, November 2 – Football Playoff Itinerary

Friday, November 2nd – Playoff Itinerary

4th/5th Period – Get music Stands out & tape off bleachers.
5:55 – Call Time/Setup (Eat before you come here, no booster dinner).
6:05 – Arcs in Gym – Warmup & Pep Rehearsal w/Music Stands
6:40 – Line Up/Pick Up Shako and go to Bleachers
6:45 – Drumline goes to Locker rooms & Band goes to tunnels with SL’s – duts.
6:55 – National Anthem & Fight Song
7:00 – Game Starts
Halftime Production – Turn in Uniforms at End
9:20 – Approx. Game Over/Packup
9:35 – Go Home

We have a home playoff game this Friday against Sandy HS. We will NOT be wearing uniforms. Bring warm gear to wear for whatever weather is. We are not performing our halftime show.  Non marching band students are able to join us in the stands for playoff games (students need to talk to Mr. Stai in advance so he knows to add you to the roster).

The late call team means no dinner provided.

Is the marching band show over? Yes! We are done rehearsing and performing our halftime show. Enjoy the newly acquired time off and the satisfaction that comes with a job well done!