SMB: Liberty Competition – Saturday, Oct. 6th

Here is the student schedule for the Liberty Marching Arts Challenge, October 6th at Hillsboro Stadium. Some items to note:

  • Students will be fed throughout course of the day. There will also be concessions sold on site.
  • Students need to bring black socks & show shirts and anything else associated with their uniform.
  • Bring weather appropriate clothing to change into when out of uniform. It gets cold!
  • Girls/Guys with long hair need to put their hair up into a bun to fit into shako.
  • Students can/should bring homework to do on the bus. There will be times throughout the bus ride and day where students can complete homework. There will also be moments in the day where the student in the role of a “performer” and also in the role of an “audience member” in an educational setting. Homework is allowed during the “free times”.
  • Parents: They do charge $15 tickets at the gate to view performance.

Important: Students must meet grade expectations in order to perform.

Important: Students must have completed all due Naviance assignments in order to perform.

Important: Students must have SMB fees paid in full in order to compete.

Liberty Schedule – Student Version

  • 8:45          Call Time/Attendance/Announcements
  • 9:15          Load Buses
  • 9:30          Buses depart Sherwood
  • 10:25        Arrive at Hillsboro, (eat sack lunch in stands) & watch bands
  • 10:50        Winds, Percussion & Guard in Stands Observing
  • 11:40        Percussion Uniforms On/Shakos/Plumes
  • 12:00        Percussion Move to Warmup Area & Begin Warmup
  • 12:10        Winds Uniforms On/Shakos/Plumes
  • 12:30        Winds Move to Warmup Area
  • 12:40        Winds Begin Warmup
  • 1:45          End Percussion Ensemble, Break-down Front Ensemble
  • 1:50          Move to Gate, Prop Coordination, Pit moves to gate
  • 1:56          Gate
  • 2:06          Prelims Performance
  • 2:21          Return to Camp, Debrief, Out of Uniforms, Back to Stands.
  • 2:49          Prelim Awards
  • 3:05          Back to Camp/Relax
  • 4:15          Early Dinner (Percussion through first)
  • 5:10          Percussion Uniforms/Shakos/Plumes, Personal Items on Bus
  • 5:30          Percussion move to rehearsal area
  • 5:45         Winds Uniforms/Shakos/Plumes, Personal Items on Bus
  • 6:05          Winds Move to Warmup Area
  • 6:15          Wind Begin Warmup
  • 6:40          Begin Full Percussion Ensemble Warmup
  • 7:15          End Percussion Ensemble, Break-down Front Ensemble
  • 7:25          Move to gate, prop coordination, pit moves to gate
  • 7:30          Gate
  • 7:40          Performance
  • 7:55          Move to Stands, watch GP & West Salem. Move front ensemble equipment back to camp.
  • 8:20          Students Back to Camp, Change Out of Uniform
  • 8:40          Finals Awards Ceremony
  • 9:10          Return to camp, help with tear-down
  • 9:30          Board buses/attendance, trucks leave for SHS
  • 9:40          Buses leave for SHS
  • 10:30        Buses arrive at SHS, Students Help with Unload Process
  • 11:00        Students available for pickup