SMB – 9/28 Football Itinerary

Remember, we are hosting SMS & LRMS 8th graders on Friday. The bleachers will be full!

Attire: Show Shirts, Jeans, Athletic Shoes. (baselayer underneath the show shirts is ok).

Friday, September 28th   

4th Period – Stack & Rack & Clean, Tape off Bleachers & Setup Music Stands
3:45 – Leadership present in band room & ready to greet MS students.
4:15 – Middle School Call Time/Greet middle school students.
4:25 – Welcome Middle Schoolers in band room at SHS.
4:30 – Walk to Baseball field
4:45 – Practice Halftime on baseball field. SHS Students also practice pregame.
5:25 – Walk back to Band Room & Eat Dinner
6:20 – Be in Aux Gym in Arcs/Ready to play Anthem & Stands Tunes #1-5.
6:30 – Line up to walk out to bleachers
6:35 – Walk out to bleachers & setup.
6:45 – Drumline goes to locker rooms. Line up to tunnels.
6:55 – National Anthem & Fight Song
7:00 – Game Begins
Game Clock @ 5:00min Remaining in Q2 – Leave Stands and line up behind bleachers.
Meet up outside band room once finished. Dismiss MS Students. Get back in stands and start playing!
9:20pm – Game Over Approx.
9:35pm – HS Students Ready for pickup