ID Mentor Fundraiser

Sherwood HS Band Students:

We are partnering with ID Mentor to launch a new Band Booster fundraiser which will help hiring clinicians and purchasing music and more instruments for our growing bands. I’m very excited about this partnership as it looks to provide a valuable service for friends and families while being a good fundraising source for the band.

Today we launched an ID Protection fundraising campaign to protect your family. The programis being made available to our families at a 15% discount.

Your objective over the next four (4) weeks is to talk to 10 family members and/or neighbors about what you learned this week about the risk and impact of identity theft and to get them interested in learning more about protecting themselves and their families. Be sure to keep a log of the names, email addresses and date of your conversations to show your efforts and progress.  You will need to turn this log in to me by July 16th to qualify for a drawing for a great prize!

Your personal goal is to have 3 families or friends protect themselves by enrolling in MyIDCare identity protection.  Send an email to your family and friends requesting a call to talk to you about what you learned about the risk and impact of identity theft.  Use the sample email below to set up that call.


Brant Stai
Sherwood HS Band Director

Sample email from students to family and friends requesting a call:


Dear ______

I am learning about how to protect my digital identity and would like to share what I have learned with you.  One thing I learned is 1 out 10 children in the US are unknowing victims of identity theft according to a study by Carnegie Mellon.  Kayla, one of our own band students recently found out she was a victim of identity theft when she was applying for a job. So, I now know that this can even happen to me, or you.  Click here to read her story.

The Band Boosters are also running a fundraiser offering MyIDCare identity protection from ID Mentor which will help with hiring clinicians and purchasing music and more instruments for our growing bands.  This is a special offer for our families and friends at 15% off of the retail price.  ID Mentor will donate 20% of the membership fees collected to the band every month.  Here is the link to the ID Mentor and Sherwood Band Boosters website to learn more about MyIDCare identity protection and enroll in the program:  Click Here to Enroll Yourself or Your Entire Family!.

P.S. Here is a link to see as short video on identity theft and MyIDCare

Can I call you tonight when you get home?



ID Protection Campaign Log:

Student Name:______________________

List of people you shared the ID Protection information with (name, email address, and date)  Also indicate if they said they would sign up for MyIDCare to help with your goal of three (3) memberships.