Can Drive in 5 Days!

Every year we do fund raisers to support our kids in the Band Program.   We have had a wonderful and successful year of performances!   We would not have that without the support of all of you who volunteer your time and donate resources.  This keeps the program running!!
In only a few days we will have our last 2018 major fundraiser:  Our May Recycling Drive.  It is held at Middleton Elementary School.   It will be this upcoming Saturday June 2nd.    Today we are only at 47% filled for spots.  This is of concern as the event takes a lot of time and volunteers to manage.  As you all know:  Many Hands make light work!!!
PLEASE volunteer a couple of hours of your time!
Here is the link:

Please go in today and sign up.

Thank you and SEE you on Saturday
JeanMarie Hilt

VP Fundraising

Sherwood Band Boosters