State Small Ensemble Info Handout & Form for April 27th

State Ensemble Contest Participants, Below is an ensemble info sheet that needs to be filled out (one per ensemble). The other sheet is a very important Contest Info Handout (will answer 98% of questions in advance). Please read the info handout and have one person in your ensemble fill out the form. Let Mr. Stai know if you have any questions.



Time Ensemble Category Ensemble Name
10:30 Small Woodwind Ensemble Sherwood WW Trio
10:40 Small Woodwind Ensemble Dahl/Homer
1:00 Large Brass Ensemble Sherwood Trumpet Ensemble
1:50 Large Percussion Ensemble Sherwood W.E. Percussion Ensemble
2:10 Large Percussion Ensemble Sherwood C.B. Percussion Ensemble
3:00 Large Woodwind Ensemble Sherwood Clarinet Ensemble
3:20 Large Woodwind Ensemble Sherwood Woodwind Quintet