Can Drive – Save the Date Fliers

Dear Music Parents!!

What a wonderful year we’ve had with so many musical successes and opportunities!  Thank you all!

It is our final 2017/2018 fundraising push!  As you all know we do a can drive twice a year.   Our Spring can drive will take place this June on Saturday June 2nd.

There will be a sign up for parents and students to help on that day.  We will be sorting, driving to pick up donations, taking our sorted donations to recycle etc!   The “sign-up” will come out in late April/early May.

This year we will do things a little differently.  We are going to have an early “Save the Date” flyer posting that will take place in the next couple of weeks.  Then we will do a reminder posting about 2 weeks prior to the event!  We really want to make the most out of this and hope this will increase our donations.

Communication will be coming out to the students this week.

One other item:  We will be doing candy bar sales this year.  Information will be coming to the kids soon.