State Solo Contest Schedule

Here is the OSAA Solo Schedule for Saturday, April 28th at Pacific University in Forest Grove. If you were selected, please make sure you inform your accompanist and have your three original copies of music for the adjudicators to use (there are three adjudicators in each room). Email Mr. Stai if you have any questions.

Number Name Instrument Room Time Accompanist
9420 Josh Busby Trombone Optometry 221 2:30 PM Dani Aldinger
9418 Chandler Wells Timpani Music Bldg-Stage 10:20 AM
9417 Shannon Jackson Timpani Music Bldg-Stage 10:30 AM
9416 Joey Craighead Timpani Music Bldg-Stage 10:40 AM
9406 Maddie Jeans Rudimental Snare Music Bldg-Stage 2:10 PM
9398 Stephanie Brannan Oboe UCC-Chapel 1:30 PM Jane Mendenhall
9392 Joey Craighead Mallets Music Bldg-Stage 8:30 AM
9390 Ashley Ma Low Saxophone Marsh-206 10:20 AM Kristen Cichoski
9383 Sophie Fechter Flute McGill Auditorium 8:00 AM
9382 Rachel Guthrie Flute McGill Auditorium 8:20 AM Dani Aldinger
9380 Anneka Prigodich Flute McGill Auditorium 10:30 AM Doug Schneider
9376 Dylan McNab Euphonium Optometry 221 8:00 AM Dani Aldinger
9370 Alyssa Gorski Clarinet Marsh-206 11:40 AM Ray McKean
9359 Olivia Van Winkle Bassoon UCC-Chapel 10:00 AM Angele Rogers