Spring Concert Update & Bonus, keep reading…

All Concert Ensembles (Bowmen, Concert, Wind Ensemble) are performing Wednesday, April 4th in the SHS Main Gym. Call time in concert attire is 6:30pm. The concert starts at 7:00pm and is open for everyone.

Students are responsible to sign up either as setup crew (6:00-6:25pm) or cleanup crew (approx. 8:20-8:40pm). 

IMPORTANT DISNEY BONUS ADDITION! For any parents/students interested, we will be showing some of the Studio Recording footage and a trip slideshow in the PAC after the concert.  The schedule for that will be as follows: 8:30pm – Studio Recordings, 8:50pm – Slideshow, 9:00pm – We’re Finished and done! The slideshow will be shared video youtube at some point later this week. However, I am legally not allowed to share or upload the studio recordings, so those MUST be presented in person. We watched a few in class on Monday, what an experience that was!

For the concert – we are debuting our festival sets with each concert group. This is a huge learning concert for us as it gives us the opportunity to run through our set once prior to upcoming band festivals in the ensuing two weeks. All are invited to come support the bands as they continue to refine & debut music in this exciting home concert.