West Salem Jazz Fest Reminders

This is a repost. We are on a tight timeline; remember our call time is at 12:15, we plan on be driving away from school at 1:00. You are in charge of your food, instrument, music, concert attire, and anything else you might need for the day.

Dear Jazz Band Members & Chaperones, I’m really looking forward to Saturday, February 10th. While this is a competitive event, please focus on just making beautiful music, supporting each other AND other groups, and having fun at the Jeff Coffin (http://jeffcoffin.com/) workshop and performance. This truly will be a blast!

Below is a finalized itinerary for the jazz festival this Saturday. Please note that we will have a late return time and that you are responsible for meals. Please bring a sack lunch and money for dinner at the concessions (concessions info listed below).

Chaperones – I have two drivers for equipment so far (please plan to be here by 12:15 so we can start loading). I have a few chaperones signed up but have a couple of passes left if anyone else is interested. For chaperones, I will have free admission tickets for you. Please let me know if you plan on riding the bus or driving (we will be tight on space in the bus).

Rhythm Section – Read the note to you below from the festival director regarding what is being provided and what is not being provided for equipment.

WSJ Festival Schedule

WS J Festival Map

West Salem Jazz Festival – Saturday, February 10th  

12:15 – Call Time
12:30 – Meeting in Band Room
12:40 – Load Busses
1:00 – Depart from Sherwood
2:00 – Arrive
2:30 – Jazz Combo Warmup
3:00 – Jazz Combo Performance (Choir Room)
5:30 – Jeff Coffin Clinic
6:00 – Jazz I Warmup (Auditorium)
6:15 – Awards for Combo (Gym)
6:30 – Jazz I Performance
7:30 – Jazz II Warmup
8:00 – Jazz II Performance
8:30 – Jeff Coffin Concert
9:15 – Awards
9:45 – Load Busses & Depart for Sherwood
11:00 – Arrive in Sherwood

Below is a note from the festival director regarding ticket prices, concession, and rhythm section equipment.

*Please let your parents and guests know that they will need to purchase a day pass to enter the festival.  Cost is $7.00 for adults;$5.00 for students, seniors, military; and free for children 5 and under.  Please note:  There is no cost (free) for festival participants, directors, and 4 chaperones per group (if your school is bringing 2 bands, you will receive 8 passes for chaperones; 3 bands, 12, etc).  We will issue wristbands to directors at check in.

Concessions offered for West Salem Jazz Festival:

  • Muffin, donut, granola bar or yogurt – $1 or $1.50
  • Fruit (banana or 2 mandarin oranges) – $1
  • Pizza slice (cheese, pepperoni, sausage, or spinach/garlic) – $3
  • 3” sub sandwich (turkey or ham with cheese and lettuce) – $3
  • Chips – $.50
  • Drinks (bottled water, assorted sodas, LaCroix, or coffee) – $1
  • Assorted candy/mints/gum – $1.50-2.00

Pizza Meal:  slice of pizza/chips/fruit/drink – $5
Two slice deal:  two slices of pizza for $5
Subway Sandwich: $6
Subway Sandwich Meal: $8

*We will provide you with an area to store equipment and cases, but you will need to be responsible for it.  We will provide a piano, drum set, bass amp, guitar amp, and vibes for each performance venue.  You will need to bring your own cymbals, cymbal stands, and cords