Wreath/Greenery Pick Up Today TUESDAY 11/28!!!

Hello Band Families, It is that time!  We are ready to have you pick up your wreaths/greenery that you sold to your friends and family!

Please come on Tuesday November 28th and pick up your orders between 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Please arrive at the Sherwood High School Band Practice room Hallway to pick up your wreaths!  DO NOT GO TO THE FRONT ENTRANCE OF THE HIGH SCHOOL!  If you are not familiar with the pick up location, here are the directions:
Pull into the main traffic light entrance of the High School and at the four way stop in the parking lot, turn left and head to the back of the school towards the football stadium.  There is a one-way loop that you will circle around with the school on the right and the stadium to the left (next the activity the activity entrance) pull over in that loop and the band practice room hallway is located on the side of the high school next to the traffic loop.

We are looking forward to seeing you this Tuesday!
Jean Hilt
VP Fundraising