Class Announcements 10/23

Announcements – 10/23
1 Playing Proficiency #2 Due TODAY, October 23rd

Playing Proficiency #3 Due Monday, November 13th

·      Email:

·      Subject: Name – Playing Proficiency #

Late Proficiencies or Do-Overs must be made up by next proficiency due date.

2 Chipotle Restaurant Fundraiser – Thursday 4:00-8:00pm. Make sure you have a flier!
3 W.E. & C.B. Small Ensembles for Christmas – Let Mr. Stai know who is in your group. We will work out a performing schedule.
4 SMB Notes:

·      Bravo! Way to be tougher than the weather!

·      Community Performance on Wednesday at 8:00pm

·      ACADEMIC MUSICIAN ATHLETES. Take care of business.

·      Section Leaders – I’m coming up with a music “to do” list and will send it out.

·      Be participatory & solution oriented with clean up process

5 1) Take nothing for granted.

2) Victory is sweeter when you come from behind.

3) You better work your tail off in rehearsal or someone’s going to beat you that you don’t expect.

4) Let the band who rehearses better win.