Playing Proficiency Update

Playing Proficiency 1 grades are now posted online. I have only graded and posted what was submitted on time.

Late work – Students need to have a one on one conversation in person with Mr. Stai in order for late work to be graded.

Mr. Stai will only accept late work until the following proficiency is due. For example, playing proficiency #2 is due on October 23, so no playing Prof. #1 re-dos or retakes after Oct. 23.

Parents – This is PP#1 grade is just one data point in a series of several data points for band grades. Please consult the band handbook for more specific grading criteria. We have talked about band grades in class.

Common Mistakes in submitting Playing Proficiencies:

  • Not sending proficiency to correct email:
  • Not labeling proficiency or email correctly
  • Not attaching files
  • Not attaching ALL files when more than one track was due. For example, Proficiency #1 had two tracks due. I had about 5 students not send the 2nd track.