Prop Help Tomorrow?!

Good Morning Band Families!

Thanks to Mike Jeans for BUILDING all of our props!  Mike will have the four unlighted props back to the school tomorrowmorning by 7:30/8:00.  I have Mr. Stai willing to come open up the school and a couple band parents willing to work on getting the props lit.  They need help!  Is anyone available to work on props tomorrow morning?  Please report to the band room after 8:00 a.m. if you can help for awhile.  Scott Cordier will be there to instruct and work with you on getting the lights attached to the props.
Max will be holding a Props Rehearsal at 2:00 p.m. with students that have to touch the props…only students assigned to props are asked to be at that rehearsal.  I only mention this as information for the prop party to have an end time as the props will be needed with Max!
Thank you for all of the parents who have worked so hard up to this point!  Thank you for those who will help tomorrow!
Lennae Bishop
Band Booster President