Band Day Follow up email PLEASE READ IMPORTANT

Hello Parents and Band Day participants:

This is your reminder that Band Day is this week Saturday from 9-3.

I have a few items to go over:

1.  Please bring your kids by 08:40-8:45.  Mr. Stai has already been talking to them about this.  You may want to send them with money to buy something for themselves for lunch, or send them with a lunch.

2.  THANK YOU to all of you who have volunteered to assist on this busy day.  We have 26 all day drivers signed up and 4 half day drivers.  We needed 28 so we hit our goal…!!!!

3.  If you are a driver:

a.  I have 4 parents who are doing half days.  2 are AM and 2 are PM.  You should know who you are since we have been conversing with me via email.

b.  Please arrive about 10 minutes early.   It will be a bit chaotic until we get the kids split up and matched to drivers.  Please have patience with us.

c.  IMPORTANT:  Could you each email me at with the following

What type of car you will have (I have the information from a few of you-thx)

How many kids you can accommodate?

Can you transport any instruments?

          I will also need your cell phone numbers.
     Please email me as soon as possible with this information!

4.  If anyone else would like to volunteer to help, please email at the email above.  I would be happy to see what else we could use.  And, we may be able to employ and extra driver or 2 to help transport ensemble instruments if needed.

Any questions:  Please email them or call …

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you this Saturday.

Jean Hilt
503 995 0060