Final Camp Message from Booster VP Pat Allen

I always get a huge kick out of the messages from our Booster VP of Marching Band Pat Allen. If you somehow missed any of the useful messages he sent out, please let us know and we’ll pass them along. Below is Pat’s final Band Camp Message #13.

Congratulations Band and Guard families! You and your student have made it to the end of your first, or yet another band camp. Believe it or not, in terms of practice hours, the season is about half over. Of course, we still have about 15 performances of the show to do, so there’s lots yet to come.
Now, a confession: I usually don’t get misty-eyed watching our kids do what they do until sometime around the 2nd or 3rd halftime show. They got me today during the final full runs of band camp. They have the first movement ready to go, and the show is already REALLY good. If this is your first year as a parent with a kid in marching band, fasten your seat belts, because your kid is going to knock your socks off on Wednesday night. You simply won’t be able to believe what they have already accomplished. If they are tired and sleep late tomorrow, they earned it!
No camp message would be complete without talking about volunteers. We’ve kind of stalled out a bit, and still really need people to sign up for the work it takes to help the kids get Deja Vu on the field.  Go on over to our sign up site and sign up for one or two jobs. The kids have earned the help.
One other thing: I often get questions, especially after the Première performance, about how someone can donate to the band. While there will be more information out later about all the fundraising opportunities ahead this year, there’s also a simple “donate here” button on the band web page. If friends who see them at football, or Grandma and Grandpa really want to donate, you can send them there, or you can forward this ugly link to them: Either way, their donation will be used to support band at all levels in Sherwood.
And that’s it from me. Now, don’t worry, this isn’t the last email you’ll get from me. I’ll keep asking for volunteers, and I’ll be giving you instructions for each competition and game. But this is is for daily band camp updates. You’ve been a lovely audience. I hope, over the course of the past couple of weeks, these emails have helped keep you in the loop. And, if this is all new, I hope you are feeling a little less overwhelmed, and have some sense of what to expect. As always, if you have any questions along the way, drop me a note at
Pat Allen
VP – Marching Band
Sherwood Band Boosters
We have a a very talented Band Mom who has taken some awesome pictures of your kids over the past couple weeks.  If you would like to see your kids in band camp action follow this link!  Thank you Stephanie Schmidt!!