All Hands on Deck!

Good Morning Band Families,

We are in the week of the Can Drive!  This drive is a great way to start out the Band Season for Fundraising.  We need all hands on deck to be able to pull this off!  We can make between $5000 and $10,000 in this 7 hour fundraiser.  There are approximately 150 High School Band Students X 2-3 band family supporters….that’s a lot of available hands to help!  Today when I checked, there were only 65 volunteers signed up out of the 142 spots needed to make this drive successful.  Thank you for all of those who have signed up already, If you have not had a chance to sign up, or you know a band family or friends who have not signed up, invite them to sign up on the same shift as you.  The faster we collect and sort the cans, the earlier the day will be finished.  Please follow the link below and sign up to help us for a couple of hours, we are really needing help later in the day to finish up the drive.
Click here to sign up:
Thank you for helping us raise the money to keep the band program going strong!
Lennae Bishop
Band Booster President