A message from the President

What a wonderful year we have had as a band program!  A Huge thank you to Dawn Gorski, Dawn Jackson and Leslie Kolb for helping raise money through our fundraisers and sponsorship efforts.  Not an easy task, but for a small group of volunteers we raised Approx. $60,000 this year to support the band!

I have had a few questions about personal fundraising for fees and the upcoming high school spring break California trip.  We do not host or support personal fundraising as a booster organization.  It is not legal for us to do so without running the risk of losing our Non-Profit Status.  We do however, have a letter/list of ideas that you can do on your own to raise money to cover trip and band fees.  I will attach it to this email for those interested!
There is a large ticket item that we are trying to purchase this summer, in time for the Marching Band Season.  As a booster organization, we do not have the funds available for this purchase.If you know of a company or personally would like to help with this purchase please e-mail me at president.sherwoodbands@gmail.com. The item is a new sound board/system.  If you are interested in the specs they are as follows (this becomes somewhat foreign language to me):
Sound System up Grades — $4500
  • Behringer X32 Producer Digital Mixer
  • 2 – Yamaha SW118V Club Series 15” 2-Way Passive Speakers
  • QSC GX5 Stereo Power Amplifier
  • battery back ups
  • digital snake
  • synth monitors
  • router
  • misc. cables
We have been limping through the past 3+ years with our old sound board/system at marching band and winter percussion competitions, I am really hoping that we can raise enough funds to upgrade this system for the upcoming school year.   Thank you for your continued support and assistance in so many ways.  I love this community and our band family.  Some of the most generous and kind people I know.  If you know of any sponsors, or would like to donate any amount towards this upgrade let me know!
Lennae Bishop
Sherwood Band Booster President

Personal Fundraising Letter