Class Announcements – 5/2

Announcements – 5/2
1 Band Room Closes at 3:30pm the next couple of weeks, other than the days of W.E. rehearsals. No access after this point.
2 W.E. Audition Update – Mr. Stai still working with rosters & deliberating on auditions. Decisions will most likely be made by Wednesday.
3 Thursday – Jazz I will be performing at Assembly – Wear normal clothes.
4 Thursday – W.E. go listen to choir sing state set in PAC at beginning of class.
5 State Band Contest W.E. Rehearsals: Monday, May 8th & Thursday, May 11th 3:05-5:00pm. These will be our only times to come together as a full ensemble, please make schedules work.
6 May 13th – State Band Contest – Please invite friends & family to come support our W.E.
7 May 20th – State Jazz Band Festival – Both Jazz Bands
8 May 23rd – Summer Band Concert
9 Leadership Applications for SMB coming soon. Mr. Stai is looking for:

·      3 Drum Majors – which will basically be a full time job working around band room, with Mr. Stai, with Section Leaders.

·      1-2 Section Leaders per section depending on section size.