Student Announcements – District Band Festival Edition

Announcements 3/21/17 – District Band Edition
1 Know Your Role Tonight & Be On Time – Setup Crew, Band Guide, Small Ensembles, Stage Crew, Clean Up Crew. “Your best ability is your dependability”
2 For Mass Piece, Be Solution Oriented. BRING PORTABLE STAND
3 Call Times:

·      MS Guides – Anywhere between 6:00-6:15pm (your choice)

o  Advanced  – Store Items in PAC

o  Intermediate – Store Items in PAC

o  Beginning – Store items in Main Gym along wall they are performing next to.

·      Small Ensembles – Be Ready to Perform starting at 6:30pm

o  Order

§  Flute Duet

§  WW Quintet

§  Sax Quartet

o  Percussion Duet – Find an opportunity to play

·      Everyone Else – 6:30pm

o  6:30 – People talking into microphone, come meet with Stai in his office.

o  6:35 – Stage Crew Volunteers, come meet with Stai in his office.

·      We will do a group warmup at 6:40pm in Band Room


4 •      Concert Starts at 7:00pm

o      Beginning

o      Intermediate

o      Advanced

o      Bowmen

o      Concert

o      W.E.

o      Combined

5 •      Be Supportive

o      In Stands sit together and close to floor.

o      Clap for other performers

o      Don’t talk during performances.

o      Body Language. You will be filmed multiple times as an audience member and performer.

6 •      Be Helpful

o      Where MS can put their items

o      Where they can sit.

o      Percussion Help

o      Stage Crew

7 Recruit

·      Help build this band program.

·      Talk it up.

·      Every moment you are contributing to the brand image of our program.

8 •      Wednesday AM – No Jazz I
9 Be Grateful for the camaraderie of this concert tonight.  It’s unique.
10 Band Final Day

·                  Remember that the district festival is your final but you still need to come to class. We will be working on

o  The music you don’t know yet for April 6th

o  A little spring cleaning

o  I will give you the last 15 min for studying.