Band Updates for Students & Parents

Proficiency # 5 has a new extended due date of January 23rd. Proficiency #6 is due on February 6th. Students should be practicing both.

Practice Your Music! 

Practice – Lost class & rehearsal time does not move our performances back any further. Students are still expected to:

  1. Give a musical & well prepared Solo & Ensemble Recital performance on Thursday March 2nd.
  2. Practice Basketball Band Music
  3. Be prepared on Festival (or All NW) pieces.

Class Adjustments – We are going to have less rehearsal time on all of this music now that we’ve lost over a week of school. Please be practicing your music at home, on your own time, using your own initiative.

Practice Your Music! 

Solo & Ensemble Recital – On Thursday, March 2nd we will put on a recital night as a band program. We will have approx. 5-6 rooms running with performances happening simultaneously throughout the course of the evening. Envision it like a musical art gallery, where one can come and go and observe the art that they want to see/hear.

At this point in our process, all students should have music selected and should be practicing it 5 times per week.

Anyone who has gone through this process will testify that you grow exponentially as a musician when you prepare and perform a solo or ensemble piece of music. It is a priceless experience for our young musicians who are looking for a challenge and to push themselves beyond the average day of music class.

Soloists who are looking for Piano Accompanists: