Basketball Band 2016-17

Our Sherwood HS Band Students will again be performing at the majority of boys & girls home league basketball games this year. This is another great opportunity for students to show off their music skills, contribute to our school culture, and earn points toward lettering in band.  It is fun music and a great environment to perform in!

Our Basketball Band will be performing at a total of 10 home games this year. We have signup sheets posted in the band room and I’ve asked each student to sign up for at least 5 different games. There will be a Performance Participation grade assigned to 5 basketball band performances by each student.

You’ll notice that this year there are two dates with double header games (1/31 & 2/7) . At the double header games there will be a band performing at each game, and a separate sign up sheet for each game is posted. Each of those games counts as one game, so participating in both games of a double header would count toward two different games (It is not recommended that brass players perform at both games at a double header due to endurance).

Basketball Band Games:

  • 12/13 – 6:45pm (Girls) vs. Tigard
  • 1/17 – 6:45pm (Boys) vs. Newberg
  • 1/27 – 6:45pm (Boys) vs. Tualatin
  • 1/31 – 5:45pm (Girls) vs. Canby
  • 1/31 – 7:15pm (Boys) vs. Canby
  • 2/3 – 6:45pm (Boys) vs. Tigard
  • 2/7 – 5:45pm (Girls) vs. Lakeridge
  • 2/7 – 7:15pm (Boys) vs. Lakeridge
  • 2/14 – 6:45pm (Girls) vs. St. Mary’s
  • 2/21 – 6:45pm (Girls) vs. Tualatin

Basketball Band Sign Ups:

  • Each Band Student needs to sign up for at least 5 basketball games to participate in.
  • Only sign up for games you can absolutely be at.
    • This helps leave space for others.
    • This helps us achieve a more balanced instrumentation.
  • You are more than welcome to come to more than 5 games, but write your name on the side or back of the paper (or just show up).
    • This helps leave sign up space for others looking to complete their 5 game minimum.

Basketball Band does the following:

  • Each game a student performs at helps students to achieve a letter in band.
  • Makes our bands that much more awesome.
  • Provides a fun musical atmosphere to SHS.

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