ROONEY TREE FARM – Band Fundraiser

Sherwood Bands receive 30% of the purchase price when you buy your fresh Christmas tree at Rooney Family Tree Farm!  Bring in the attached flier, or just mention Sherwood Bands…simple!!  This is a local, band alumni family.  Find the perfect Christmas tree and support the Band program at the same time!!  Details about the farm are included on the flier.  Happy tree hunting!!
A quick reminder…if you turned in a wreath order, we can’t wait to see you on Wednesday, November 30th!  Wreaths and other greenery pick up is on Wednesday, November 30th from 5:00 – 6:00pm near the SHS band room door.  All students/band families who collected wreath and greenery orders need to pick up their orders at this time so they can make their deliveries right away.  Thank you!