Weather – It’s a moving, unpredictable target. Safety is always first. Wind just makes it more interesting. For those that are new to the competitive marching band program, we don’t cancel rehearsals or performances due to rain or some wind gusts. If the winds are sustained at a high speed, it becomes about the props and flags. If those are not stable, we perform without props and flags do not throw. If the winds are highly severe and sustained (to where we cannot perform outside), a performance could be canceled. We saw this last year at Century when it was sideways rain with wind gusts of 60+ and sustained winds of 40 (at times). Lightning that is close enough to strike near the performance area brings us to a stop.

The staff monitors the forecast and current conditions. We work in conjunction with school administration to make sure students are always safe. We work with competition show hosts to make sure the students are always safe. The weather looks pretty rough these next few days (if all of that actually hits us directly).

There are several contingencies in place depending on what the weather actually delivers. There is a good chance that this will be a day of decision regarding what the show format will look like for BOA. We will wait to hear what that decision is and what the weather actually delivers.

For Friday, we will make decisions as we go throughout the day. Have your rain gear ready!

Stay tuned to Email & Group Messaging.