SMB Itinerary Friday, October 7th

Friday will be a busy day! Please be ready to be adaptable as this schedule will be fluid throughout the afternoon as we go from point A to B to C to D thru Z. 

Parade Attire: Students need to wear show shirts, jeans, and athletic shoes for parade. We will issue black parkas before we load bus for parade. We will be warm and dry!

Parents: Our Booster President has reached out and asked for drivers to transport drums & large equipment to start of parade route. It might also be nice to have someone walking the parade with us “just in case” there is a medical issue. Let Mr. Stai know if you want to come walk the parade route with us, which starts at the District Office and goes to SHS. You would be more than welcome to hop on the bus with us at 1:30 or just meet us at the start of the parade route at 3:00pm.

Friday, October 7th   

3rd Period – Tape off Bleachers
4th Period – Stack & Rack & Clean & Setup Music Stands
1:10pm – Leave Class
1:20 – Arcs in Band Room/Attendance
1:30 – Load Bus & Depart
1:45 – Arrive @ Archer Glen, Stretch & Warmup.
2:15 – Perform for Archer Glen Students as they leave school. Possibly perform for D.O. buildings.
2:50 – Students who needed to stay during 5th period to take a test. Meet in band room and ride to parade route with Mrs. Bishop.
3:30 – Parade
3:50 – Parade Over at SHS
4:00 – Break/Go To Baseball Field to Chunk Show
4:45 – Dinner – Percussion First
5:35 – Percussion Uniforms
5:45 – Winds Uniforms (Percussion takes stands out bleachers)
6:20 – Line Up & Pick Up Shako
6:25 – March Out Together
6:35 – Setup Bleachers
6:42 – Drumline goes to Locker rooms & Band goes to tunnels with SL’s Duts.
6:55 – National Anthem & Fight Song