SMB Rehearsal Saturday 12:00-4:00

Good News! We rehearse this Saturday from 12:00-4:00.

Bad News! I forgot to put this date on the online Google Calendar. This date was ONLY on the updated SMB Calendar rev. 8/10, which some of you pointed out to me. That date has a rehearsal of 10am-4pm, however I’ve amended that time to be from 12:00-4:00.

Good News! This means we can proceed with show progress this weekend. “If you aren’t rehearsing you are receding”, and this puts us in a position to stay competitive when all other Open Class groups are either competing or rehearsing this weekend.

Next Weekend/Homecoming Weekend – I intentionally left next weekend wide open for Homecoming festivities. There is nothing happening for band next Saturday, October 8th.

Going two weekends in a row without rehearsal or competition was not a smart plan (turns out that was not originally what was planned), which is why I’m pressing for everyone to be at this rehearsal whether it was on your calendar or not. If you made plans that cannot be changed, please let me know that you will not be at this rehearsal.

Thank you and my apologies for not placing this date on the google calendar online. Our very own General Pat Allen was correct when he wrote in one of his Band Camp newsletters “Be flexible, things change”.