Curriculum Night Reprise

If you missed our curriculum night at SHS, here are the “Big Three” points that were covered in band. I did go into a little bit of detail regarding each ensemble, however for website purposes I’m going to just express the “Big Three”.

  1. Calendar of Performances – Calendars (pink handout) went home last week. Look for your specific ensemble for performing dates. Calendars are also located on band website.
    • Do not miss concert or festival performances. Music class is much like farming. It is a lot of hard work with lots of hours involved. Putting on performances, or reaping the harvest of our efforts, happen few and far between. Its always sad when a student doesn’t get to reap the reward of their efforts. Its also sad for the student’s musical teammates and ensemble members who end up performing minus the sound they are used to playing next to in class. It really matters.
  2. Communication – My communication will come to you en masse from this webpage. Please make sure you are subscribed to this site to receive communication. It is the most efficient way for me to reach our band population and also gives parents access to info in the case of an email getting deleted.  Our Booster President, Lennae Bishop (, will also communicate regarding band info via the Sherwood Band Boosters.
  3. Playing Proficiencies – Covered these a bit at the curriculum night and have been covering them quite a bit in class. Each ensemble has a different set of  proficiencies.

One more big one that was not covered as much is our Band Handbook 2016-2017. I am going through it one page at a time with our classes. Its a lot of structure and content and we are literally taking it one bit at a time.

Program Overview –

Band Director:  Brant Stai – 4th Year/Senior Year at SHS. 13th year of teaching overall.


  • Bowmen Band -Grade 2-3 Literature
    • What is Band at Sherwood High School?
      • Various Ensembles & Levels of Depth
      • Bowmen, Concert, Wind, Jazz Ensembles, Winter Percussion & Guard, SMB
      • All Ensembles performing at a high level
      • Welcoming, Friendly Atmosphere for all students
    • Practice should be happening 5 times per week (30 minute sessions).

    Concert Band – Plays Grade 3-4 level literature.

    • Not the same time or practice commitment as Wind Ensemble but the standard for performance doesn’t change. Lifelong appreciation for music and creativity.
    • Practice should be happening 5 times per week (30 minute sessions).
  • Wind Ensemble – Plays Grade 4-5 level literature.
    • All Northwest Performance on Friday, February 17th at 3:30pm.
      • Huge Deal to get to perform in front of anywhere from 500-1000 educators. Usually only a select few high schools & middle schools & universities are allowed to perform.
      • Staying over-night.
    • Wind Ensemble Grades & Naviance – Must Meet OSAA Standards