Band Day Thank You & Update

If you scroll down below, you will see a letter of thanks and update regarding band day from our Band Booster President Lennae Bishop.
I (Mr. Stai) would like to also say thank you to all of the band members and parents who helped to make our band day a huge success. Thank you for your spirit, work, and great attitudes!
Thank you to our band boosters. Our boosters run a large scale budget to support all of our middle school and high school bands from an inventory and instructional standpoint. The past couple of years fundraising focused with a goal of fundraising enough money to purchase marching uniforms (uniform total cost was $67,500 total which we still owe about $20k on and have a plan to pay it off with our overall operating budget over the next few years). This past summer our boosters contributed $10,000 toward much needed instruments (we are really growing as a band program and thus are growing out of our inventory) so that every student who needed to rent an instrument from SHS could have one. We are still short of meeting the goal of every student having their very own instrument to play, but we are much closer this year thanks to the efforts of our boosters and by extension you as our supports. So thank you very much! This helps me the band director to focus more on the music notes, educational process, and connecting with students. To go further, the booster provide our MS bands with discretionary funds for classroom needs that have been drastically cut back over the past couple of years. SHS has a Jazz II program thanks to the boosters. We also have class clicians at the both the middle school and high school level helping out Mr. Dyer, Mr. Angeloni, and myself. Thank you to our boosters!!!
Brant Stai
Wow!  What a day!  Thank you to the parents and students who came out to make band day a success!  Thank you to our generous community!  Our initial amount collected Satruday was $10,600!!!  We are still seeing donations come in via PayPal (see link below). Our annual fundraising goal is $65,000, that made a great dent…we welcome PayPal donations anytime!  I love living in such a great community!
Band Booster President