SMB: Next Week’s Performances – Parents & Students Please Read

A huge congrats & kudos to our Sherwood marching band members who made it through the rigor of band camp these past couple of weeks. Its always a huge endeavor for all involved, students & staff, and our team looks really good going into the 2016 season. Attitudes & Work Ethic were exceptional this year.

We have three performances this week: The Staff Rally Monday Morning, The Premier Performance on Wednesday Evening, and the Football Game vs. Westview on Friday, September 2nd.  Everyone in the marching band is a starter. We need every member at every performance. See our SMB Dates 2016 (revised 8-10-16) for all rehearsals and performances.

Monday, August 29th 

Staff Rally Call time for leadership and front ensemble is 9am, everyone else is 9:15am. We will be done around approx. 10:40am.

SMB Rehearsal from 12-5pm

Wednesday, August 31st 

Rehearsal from 12-4pm

Premier Performance 7pm – Marching Band Members call time is 5:30pm sharp so they can learn how to put on their uniform. 

Friday, September 2nd 

2:30 – Leadership setup music stands in bleachers and tape off band area.
3:00 – Stretching on Baseball Field
3:30 – Show Review
4:30 – Transition to Band Room
4:45 – Dinner
5:20 – Percussion Uniforms
5:30 – Winds Uniforms
6:15 – Winds Arc Warmup in Band Room
6:30 – Line Up & Pick Up Shako
6:40 – Winds Out To Bleachers
6:42 – Drumline goes to Locker rooms & Band goes to tunnels with SL’s Duts.
6:55 – National Anthem & Fight Song
Halftime Performance
9:30 – Approx. Game over & Band Cleaned up and finished.

Songs to know: Downtown, Uptown, National Anthem, Fight Song, SHS Stands Tunes 2016