MCLA Reminders – Student Leadership

For Marching Band Student Leadership, here are some reminders from the camp director regarding MCLA.

MCLA Camp Location:  Sherwood HS
June 22-24
See attached schedule

1. All students (including drum majors) should bring their instrument (large percussion is provided)
2. All students bring something to write with
3. All students bring a sack lunch and something for a late afternoon snack each day
4. All students bring a water bottle
5. If they are in the marching track, have sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and wear athletic style attire for marching
6. If they are a “day of” registration or they have payments to make, please make sure they show up toward the beginning of registration the morning of the first day of camp (7:45am).  This is very vital so we can start camp on time.  If they owe money, checks should be written out to NMLA (not MCLA).
7. It is recommended for all students to have a pair of drumsticks to use when they teach (marching track).  This is not required, but it is very helpful.
8. Percussion students bring sticks and mallets
9. Guard students bring a flag and a rifle

Parent/Student Questions: