Can Drive Input Needed

I need your help with Can Drive planning.
Currently, only 27% of the volunteer positions have been filled and we are unable to secure a driver for the band trailer.  As I am preparing to put together information for those who are distributing fliers to advertise our fundraiser, I need to decide one of 2 things…
1.  We cancel the event due to lack of interest.  I have to keep our friends at Grocery Outlet in mind.  This needs to be worth the money and employee time that they donate to the day.  I also want to be sensitive to the valuable time of each of our volunteers.
2.  We will only distribute fliers and advertise to a select few of the neighborhoods in Sherwood.  The can drive will be about 1/2 of what we expect to see.  I will adjust volunteer times accordingly, as the day would be shorter.
If you were planning to sign up, could you please do so by Friday (TOMORROW).  I need to see what the interest is in having this fundraiser to make decisions about how to proceed.  Friday evening, if there are approximately 50% of the positions filled, we can think about going forward with a small can drive.  If not, I will know that families are extremely busy this time of year and cancel the event.
Volunteer spot is:  If you would like to sign up, that is great!  If not, I understand!!!
Thank you all so much for all that you do!!
Dawn Gorski