Our Fund Update

Good morning middle school and high school band families,

I need to take a moment to plead for your help.  We kicked off our “Virtual Band Day” fundraiser through OurFund in class with your students almost two weeks ago.  There are 350 band students.  At this time we only have 12 students that have logged on, created an account and submitted e-mails.  The amazing news is that those 12 students have earned $1345!  We asked your students to submit at least 5 e-mails and make it a goal to earn $100 each through donations.  We encouraged your students to submit e-mails to friends, family and co-workers that live away from home so that we are not asking mom and dad to donate again.  If every band student earns $100 for the band this could be an amazing fundraiser ($35,000)!
We are hoping that you can help your student with this fundraiser, and even post it on your Facebook account as an easy way to earn money. Here are the simple instructions on how to log in to OurFund and set up an account:
Search “Sherwood Band Boosters 2016
Join, enter at least 5 emails (more would be preferable) and share to facebook (student or parent’s pages)
I have also attached the detailed instruction letter if you would like further instructions.
The Band Boosters strives to support the band by raising $65,000 per year.  That money earned  goes directly to the middle school and high school band programs.  We assist the band by purchasing instruments; music; uniforms; concert attire; financial need scholarships; paying for clinicians and music specialists to give personalized training; and much much more.  We are blessed to live in a great city with an excellent school district.  The Band Programs are growing.  With that growth, we are still trying to keep the individual students fees for extracurricular band experiences low.
I welcome any assistance and ideas that you may have for ways to successfully keep the band financially supported.  I am also happy to provide financial budget information for anyone interested in seeing more specific ways the money is used.  I know that this is such a busy time of year for most of us.  Please take 10 minutes out of your day to sign up for this fundraiser, and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Lennae Bishop
Band Booster President