State Ensemble Festival Details – Friday, April 29th @ Pacific University

State Ensemble Festival Details – Friday, April 29th @ Pacific University

Make sure you see the attachments below the following message from the Ensemble Festival Coordinator. Contact Mr. Stai in advance with any questions.

•Final schedule is attached. No changes/switches possible.

•Performers should report to their performance room chair at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled performance, to give chair their 3 original judges scores and Performance Info form.

•The awards & trophy presentations will occur right after competition ends (~ 4:30) in McCready Hall. Please attend.

•Make sure your group name is listed as you wish. Email me corrections.

•Map attached….Here’s the Pacific University details:

1) Classes are held as usual in all buildings on campus. The on-line campus map will direct you to your performance site.

2) Parking for small vehicles on campus on Friday may generate a ticket. Visitors can get a parking permit in the University Center at the Information Desk.

3) Bus parking is available across the street from the music building in a small shopping center lot.

4) Information and comment sheet pickup will be in the lobby of the music building.

5) Warm up rooms must be shared–10 minute max. This info from Michael Burch-Pesses:


•The woodwinds will warm up in room 208 in Jefferson Hall, then walk up to the third floor to perform in room 308.

•The percussion will have no place to warm up other than in one of the practice rooms on the lower level of the music building, without their instruments.

•The brass ensembles, who will perform on stage in the music building, can warm up in any of the practice rooms on the lower level of the building.




Participant Event Category Room Time Date
Sherwood Woodwind Quintet – Kelso Ensemble Woodwind Jefferson Rm 308 1:10 PM Friday, April 29th
Sherwood Woodwind Quintet – Murray Ensemble Woodwind Jefferson Rm 308 1:30 PM Friday, April 29th