3 Important District Band Festival Details – Tuesday, March 15th

Dear Parents & Students, We have our district wide band festival this Tuesday, March 15th at 7pm in the SHS Main Gym. This event involves every band student in the Sherwood School District between grades 6-12. You will hear all concert bands from the middle schools and high school. From SHS, we will be featuring our Bowmen Band, Concert Band, and Wind Ensemble.

Every SHS band member needs to sign up for one  concert duty that evening. Students can either sign up for setup from 3:00-3:45pm or for cleanup as soon as the concert is over. Cleanup duties involve taking all equipment back to correct spaces (HS & MS), Chairs, Stands, and putting away the drum platform. Signup sheets are located inside the bandroom on the cabinet.

Also, all SHS Band members are practicing our Mass Piece at 7am on Tuesday, March 15th in the band room. We’ve been talking about this rehearsal in class but I have not yet notified parents. This rehearsal involves every band member in Bowmen Band, Concert Band, and Wind Ensemble. It will be an epic rehearsal.