Recital Night Tips

Solo & Ensemble Recital Night Tips for Monday, February 22nd 

  • Wear Concert Attire
  • Show up to Sherwood HS about 30 minutes ahead of time  so that you can:
    • Warm up.
      • Use band room.
      • Do not use halls or practice rooms.
    • Tune
    • Meet your group
    • Finger on the pulse of your room. Figure out where you will be performing and whether or not the room is on schedule.
  • Performance
    • Make the performing space (stands, chairs) comfortable for your needs.
    • Tune to the piano in the room.
    • Announce your piece title, composer, and acknowledge your accompanist if you have one.
    • Once finished. Make eye contact with audience. Smile. Take a bow.
  • Only enter or exit a room during a transition.
  • Do not use backstage area through choir room to access PAC.
  • Listen to and support and clap for a handful of other Sherwood soloists and ensembles performing. Decide who will be there to support people going on first and last.
  • There might not be a staff member in each room for every performance.

How to be Competitive at Solo & Ensemble

  • Play Quality Literature
  • Practice
  • Take Lessons & Get Professional Guidance
  • Perform in ballpark of 7.5 minutes of music.
  • Work on Bowing (w/accompanist if one).
  • Perform several times for people
  • Exaggerate everything. Dynamics, Articulations, Musicality.
  • Everyone will play the right notes and rhythms. It’s the people that make the most music that separate themselves. Know the message of your piece and reinforce it again and again and again and again.