Solo & Ensemble Festival Registration Info Needed by January 25th at 8am

OMEA Solo & Ensemble Participants – Sign up on Clipboard in Band Room & Get These Items to Mr. Stai by Monday, January 25th at 8am. 

  • Name(s) performing in solo or ensemble
  • What you are playing (Either a solo, duet, trio, etc.)
  • Accompanist Name (if using accompanist)
  • Money – $10 check payable to SHS – Give to Debi Bear and bring Receipt back to Mr. Stai
    • Individual Solo – $10
    • Small Ensemble – $10 per ensemble (A Duet would pay $5 each, a trio $3.33 each, a quartet $2.50 each, etc.)

OMEA District Solo & Ensemble – Saturday, February 27th(morning or early afternoon time TBD) – This is an annual festival offered to HS & MS band student musicians in our area. Students are encouraged to prepare either a solo piece with accompaniment or to participate in a small ensemble (duet, trio, etc.) and perform in front of a small audience and adjudicator. This adjudicator writes comments in regards to the quality of performance and also gives constructive feedback for our students. Anyone who has gone through this process will testify that you grow exponentially as a musician when you prepare and perform a solo piece of music. The performing experience coupled with the constructive feedback of a professional adjudicator is a priceless experience for our young musicians who are looking for a challenge and to push themselves beyond the average day of music class. Students who place at the top of their instrument will go on to perform at the OSAA state solo contest.

Wind Ensemble members are expected to participate in this event. Concert or Bowmen band members interested in auditioning for Wind Ensemble next year should participate in this event.

Help get people involved in this great activity! Our band program grows exponentially when our musicians participate in solo & ensemble!

Important Scheduling Note: This year’s solo & ensemble festival is on the same date as Swingin’ with Spaghetti. We’ve known about both of these events falling on the same weekend this year and will work around it. It will be a full day of performances and band for our Sherwood band members.